phlizon led grow light

PHLIZON is one of the leading manufacturers with lots of experience with LED Grow Lights since 2017. We produced LED grow lights not only for commercial use but for tent growing. We constantly listen, research, design, and develop to bring you high-quality, innovative, and reliable LED grow lights.


PHLIZON lighting can save cultivators an exceptional 40% on their energy charge contrasted with generally utilized HID units. Making LEDs without a doubt a more effective and eco-accommodating decision.


Industry professionals have tried, tested, and shown that LEDs boost production and crop quality, resulting in medicinal-grade crops every harvest.


When you order a PHLIZON product we ensure a quick delivery from our warehouse locations to your home. We have warehouse facilities on both the East and West Coast to ensure the quickest delivery.


Our LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours of operation, and our fixtures come with a 3-year warranty, making us a reliable product source.


Built with smart-safety capabilities for full circuit protection, PHLIZON lighting use UL listed drivers prevent over/under voltage, short-circuiting and overheating failures.


A dimmable unit gives you the ability to adjust the PPF levels produced and adapt to full-cycle growth.



Hi, I am Jason, a LED lighting engineer. Firstly, I would like to thank you for time to read about this story of PHLIZON, which is also the story about my friend, Tom, a horticultural expert, and me.

Both of us grew up in horticultural families. Having been born in neighboring families, we also become close friends from an early age. Since we were kids, we learned to appreciate horticulture and nature, since that was part of our everyday life. Of course, growing was not the same back then, it was a hard and exhausting job, and a constant wrestle against the weather and seasons. Our parents worked relentlessly to afford our lives and we learn to appreciate the diligent, virtuous, and persevering natures of our parents and many other growers. We are always be proud to be the sons of farmers.

In the meantime, horticulture lighting was developing gradually, but it wasn’t until recently that LED lighting has brought revolutionary changes in this arena in terms of costs and performance. This has radically changed the way growers around the world live and work, including our families, relying on sophisticated technology to increase productivity, and generating significant benefits which are enjoyed not only by this industry but by society as a whole. That’s why we decided to take the great gift of education and put it into the service of helping improve the lives and productivity of more growers everywhere. Thus I chose to be a LED lighting engineer and Tom decided to dedicate himself to horticultural research. 


Fast forward to 2017, we graduated from college and founded PHLIZON , specilizing LED grow lights for growers. We believe that LED lighting as a revolutionary technology that could bring great benefits for growers worldwide. From 2017, PHLIZON continued to grow from a team of 2 to a staff of nearly 200 workers. Now, we have built our R&D center, factory and marketing and customer service depatment, quality control system. Our overseas warehouse gave us access to a huge global market, proudly serving clients on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and Aliexpress, while also expanding to markets such as the USA, Poland, Spain, Russia, EU, UK, Australia, and Canada.

We understands technology as a medium to achieve great things for mankind. We see every client as a valuable partner on our quest to redefine growing, and take a great leap forward into the future of horticulture. That’s what got our business started. We always keep passionate about it.

Today, we continue our hard work, pushing the boundaries of productivity through smart engineering, and an unnegotiable passion for constant innovation, to push the human race forward. Let’s innovate together, one day at a time.